BIG BANK LEVELS (Support/Resistance) on Your Meta Trader 4 !

The most common problem for all traders is to set the right levels for trading. You can combine different ways, however, we have developed a method which correlates with the largest trading institutions on the markets.  Now, you can get all the updates directly to your MT4 platform


Get Big Bank Levels for Your Meta Trader 4 now!
1)Open a real account from link: CLICK HERE!
2)Create an account with CLICK HERE!

While registering, please select the tools that you wish to use . (Real Volume for MT4,Trade Ideas,Big Bank Levels, Big Bank Sentiment). If you wish to use all available options please select     option ,,ALL"
3)You will receive a registration confirmation within 24 hours. You can log in 
and take full advantage of access and you will also receive valid templates 
with the levels of large institutions on your e-mail
Remember, registration also allows you to receive a real volume indicator and full access to transaction ideas

How do levels work? Look at the charts below:

EUR/USD / M30 Interval

USD/CAD / M30 Interval

Effective support/resistance levels reflect the price. Statistically, active trade around these levels can bring profits, but using them together with the analysis of volume and sentiment gives a powerful tool. Remember that our levels are not only technical levels but above all, levels correlated with the levels of the largest market players

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